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Our Velocità talent provides instant impact at an individual or team level, as well as delivering assurance for end to end projects.

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Our Mission

We strive to make your experience as effortless as possible and get the results you want. We keep ourselves accountable, delivering a quick, cost-effective service. We provide the highest quality talent and roadmap outcomes at speed, without any hassle or compromise in quality.

We differentiate ourselves through a deep understanding of your needs. Velocità management team all have decades of hands-on experience and the network to match. We source from within that network and so reputation and consistency are paramount to us.

This means we can source both broadly for mainstream capabilities based on talent and reputation and also for those tricky niche skills that can often hold up your projects and business objectives. In either case Velocità are able to turn on the global talent tap!

Our Values


Our talented people come from all walks of life to create powerful and skilled teams.


We strive to increase cultural competency, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our organisation.


We listen, communicate and engage with respect. We act with fairness and honour our word, mutual trust is paramount.


Your goals become our goals. We empower our teams to do whatever it takes to deliver.


We want to be the best at what we do. We believe that continuous improvement gets us ever closer.

Who We Are

Velocità is a full-service, specialised consultancy & recruitment company. We source the talent with the best reputation from within our network and can typically source niche skills that others can't. Our team of specialists source from all over the world and have a deep understanding of cross-border and state employment and tax issues. This means we can connect you to the talent and skills you need anywhere in the world with minimum hassle.

Peter Landa

Managing Director

Harpinder Gataora

Director of Operations

Robby Kushner

General Manager, Americas

Katie Woolnoth

PMO Analyst

Estafani Bustillo

Finance Analyst

Ashley Thompson

Finance Analyst

Lewis Brown

Head of Search

Richard Steggles

Senior Talent Sourcer

What We Offer

Our Practices

Velocità is organised around specialist practices which focus on particular groups of skills. This enables us to go deep in terms of our understanding of clients' needs, spin up full delivery teams, or leverage our network to source the right individuals.

We have a vast amount of experience with matching talent to help our telco and media clients with embedded software; especially mobile, STBs and Wifi. If you are having problems finding people, contact Velocità today and tap into our huge pool of expertise in these tricky areas.

Velocità has some serious heritage in the area of building media delivery infrastructure from content distribution networks to front-end playback experiences, and building apps for a range of devices. This includes easy access to tricky niche skills like Brightscript, Ad-tech and long-tail CTV devices.

This covers a raft of capabilities where we have helped clients from platform engineering, environments as code, configuring and scripting virtual machines through the implementation of Containerisation, Kubernetes and Docker.

Our data science team can marshal skills spanning from basic file transformation, normalisation and manipulation at scale, through to complex data mart problems, dashboards and enterprise level applications for millions of subscriber records.

Our founder, Peter Landa, ran Europe's largest broadcast media test programme for years. These are core skills for Velocità. With established networks and a firm grasp on best practice in both hardware and software testing, we can set you up for success and assure all your deliverables regardless of the development methodologies used.

Maintaining the vision, correctly prioritising team efforts, and expressing requirements in a testable way is key to getting the ROI on any digital project. Our product managers are experienced in slotting into cross functional teams and driving agility.

Project and programme management is key to bringing your initiatives in on time and budget regardless of the scale. We have an excellent network of experienced PMs with solid industry track records.

As your projects are integrated into the business it’s key that they are maintained and supported with incremental change. Our DevOps practitioners come from high availability environments and have a solid handle on maintaining service levels whilst allowing the inevitable change and evolution to happen in a controlled manner.


We are always looking for top drawer talent at Velocità.

Our values are all about inclusion and flexibility, so we welcome applicants from around the world regardless of background or circumstance.

If you can demonstrate excellence in your field, have a solid track record of delivery and are rated by your peers, then contact us via the form below.

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